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API for natural integration of satellite images to agricultural applications and machine learning

New images every 2-4 days | 500 TB usable images | 10 m resolution | On-the-fly processing

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  • API to satellite imagery

    Through our simple and fast API, you can easily get multi-spectrum images of the crop for the most recent day or for a day in the past; we have the most useful images for agriculture such as NDVI, EVI, True Color and False Color.

  • 快喵加速器

    Using the same API, you can also get weather data for the crop such as current weather, and forecast. We also have specific data as accumulated temperature and precipitations, and soil temperature and moisture.


    We also have a simple visual tool for working satellite and weather data. Draw a polygon and see immediately the available data on it. We made it based on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 images that could solve most of the farming tasks.



Data: NDVI, EVI, TRUE and FALSE colours

  • NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index) are the most common indicators for assessing vegetation progress over time
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  • 4 presets of custom palettes for NDVI images
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  • Data are available for the most of agricultural areas


Data: Current weather, forecast, history

  • Current weather
  • Forecast for 5 days ahead with 3-hour step
  • Historical weather
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Data: accumulated temperature and precipitation, soil temperature and moisture

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  • Soil temperature and moisture are essential indices that allow your customer to adjust irrigation work and prevent crop roots damage.


Tools for easy operations with polygons

  • Setup your polygons first
  • Operations with polygons (setting a polygon, adding data, removing a polygon, listing info about one or several polygons)
  • Visual tools to manage coordinates of the polygon
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